A new venue for independent authors

We would like to introduce a new way for you to extend your reach and gain exposure with an engaged audience. Increase your fanbase, gain a marketing boost and do it all for free.

We're in the business of drawing a crowd

We're not in the business of selling books. We'll leave that to you. What we offer are platforms designed to connect independent authors with eager new readers. We think the best way to do that is by presenting free, high quality content in a strategic manner.

When you share a story with us we publish it online, and use all of our social networking power to introduce your work to people who are excited to read something great. We target very specific demographics to bring the most relevant audience to you. When these people visit our site, they read your work, see your name and hear us rave about you on our blog, where we link to your site or wherever you sell your books.

More fans = more books sold

When our platforms become a part of your marketing strategy, you can effectively boost your fanbase. We work to make sure every story featured has peak exposure with readers. The more times a person consumes your content, hears your name and sees your picture, the more they will remember you.
And, if they like your story, chances are they are going to share it.

More views = more shares = more fans = more books sold.

Let's get rolling!

We're currently collecting stories to publish over the next year. If you think we can help you grow your audience, or if you just have questions please email publishing@paperskycreative.com.

If you'd like to send us your story, we'd love to read it. We appreciate PDFs or just pasting into the body of the email. Please no doc files. If your story is approved then there's a simple contract that we can send you to review and sign, and from there we can set a publishing date.



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